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Like funny ha-ha? Garbanzo! is a semi-quarterly review of poems and such.

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The Archives

Welcome to the home of the mixed-up files of Garbanzo!


Sparkling Wine and Strycknine: Ring in the New Year with Garbanzo IX (Winter 2013)


Not Salman Rushdie by George Bilgere

Prostate Exam by George Bilgere

Night Watch by Bill Buege

Sonnet for a Stripper by Nicole Butler

Rue Richard Cecil by Richard Cecil

The Great Debate by Richard Cecil

Good Things Happen to Good People by Hobart McGee

God of Our Nights by Claudia Putnam

I Pick Up Buttons on the Way to the National by Fred Yannantuono


Why I Live in the Northern Hemisphere by George Bilgere

Garbanzo! VIII: Degenerate, reprobate, a few months late (Fall 2011)


Six Stages of Old Age by Bill Buege

The Deserted Island of Thirteen by Jennifer Fandel

A Guy Thing by Joshua McKinney

Ode to Atari Frogger by Dave Nielsen

In Praise of the Great Ones by Dave Nielsen

Big Cheese by Casey DesPrez

How Thirteen Famous Men Performed Cunnilingus by Michael Meyerhofer


Full Serve by George Bilgere

Stuck by Ron Barrett

Garbanzo! VII: Heavily Leavened (Fall 2010)


Licking The Knife by Teddy Sheraton

On a Fourth Friend Request by Catherine Tufariello

If Poetry Made Money by Richard Cecil

The X Commandments by Richard Cecil

The Klondike by George Bilgere

Unsung Love Song by Richard Newman

King Midas by Richard Newman

Good at Darkening Circles by Lisa Pepper


Going Digital by George Bilgere


Garbanzo! VI: Wanted, Dead or Alive (Summer 2009)


An Awkward Phase by Bill Coyle

The Gift that Keeps on Giving by Brad Johnson

Blatella germanica by J H Hobson

Face Book by Deborah Diemont

Nature Lover by Deborah Diemont

All You Need Is Love by A. McHugh

To the New Year by A. McHugh

To Rosie, Not Yet Three by David Nielsen

Garbanzo! V: It's Alive! (Fall 2008)


Audible Gasp by George Bilgere

Snow by George Bilgere

When I Grow Up by Andrew Hudgins

I Rode My Bike Over Hill and Dale by Andrew Hudgins

Lines by a Short-Haired Poet at a Poetry Reading by Jennifer Wheelock

Miss Helen at the Hair Salon by Jennifer Wheelock

Faux Better Blues by Erin Keane

Cuervo’s Lament: Hook, Line, and Sinker by Herman Asarnow



Piss and Vinegar, or, The Decision by Collen McKee

Garbanzo! IV: Gettable (Fall 2007)


A Nature Poem by Robin Merrill

Our Therapist Says by Chelsea Rathburn

Other People's Marriages by Chelsea Rathburn

Lost and Found by Richard Newman

Gossip by Richard Newman

Wee Hours by Richard Newman

Compliments of the Author by Richard Cecil

Beastly Man by Richard Cecil



The Fourth by Adam Cleary

Garbanzo! III: For Your Heartache (Summer 2007)


Spamtoum by Catherine Tufariello

My Lifetime Subscription to the New Yorker Expires by Robin Chapman

On Hearing a One-Word Description of One of Our Nation's Most Celebrated Writers by J.D. Nordell

Last Poem by Cathy Carlisi



Cloning Cleeton by Chuck Sweetman



The Fart Tape by Kelly Rae Lynn

Garbanzo! II: the Awakening (Spring 2006)


Marooned by Mari Stanley

A Million Little Copies by Chris O'Carroll

Chinese by George Bilgere

Say My Name by George Bilgere

God in the Cheese by Tom C. Hunley



Catching Up with Tom by Jim Welp

Garbanzo! the Maiden Voyage (Fall 2005)


Thirty Day Free Home Trial by Richard Cecil

Wednesday 3-5:30; 3 Credit Hours by Richard Cecil

Sects by R.S. Gwynn

The Rules by Marci Rae Johnson

Variations on a Theme by Rainer Maria Rilke by Dave Lucas

Another Art by Peter Makuck



Our State Poem by Richard Newman