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Garbanzo! After Dark
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Like funny ha-ha? Garbanzo! is a semi-quarterly review of poems and such.

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Kurt Olsson


Asparagus piss,
Baby piss, before bed piss, bus shelter piss, bloody piss,
Catheter piss, cat in heat piss, condom piss,
Dead tired piss, don’t piss on the grass piss, does Superman piss piss, dog piss,
   did you just piss on my shoes piss,
Elementary school (K-8) piss, eight glasses of water a day piss,
First piss in the morning piss, forgot to wash your hands piss, fill up this glass
Green tea piss, get pissed, hangover piss, how do you say pissoir piss, heavy
   metal piss,
Innocently in the pool piss, interplanetary piss, I’m pissed piss,
Just call me in the morning piss, kicked and kneed in the groin and curled into
   the fetal position piss,
Left in the toilet overnight piss, long blissful arch of the back piss, last exit
   before Canada piss,
Missed on the floor piss, neoclassical piss, no hands piss,
Outhouse piss, open the window, put down the seat piss
Passing a stone piss, philosophic piss, piss in a snow bank/bed/back alley/beer
   bottle piss, pissed off piss,
Quick piss, raging electric hard-on piss,
Sacred piss, scared piss, scary piss, sit on the seat and shit piss,
Take a piss, train track in Maine piss, unredacted piss, virgin piss, verily! piss,
Who is that lovely thing running past piss, why can’t you piss straight piss,
   whose piss is this,
X marks the spot piss, Y— —h piss, your piss,
Zen piss, zero piss.

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Kurt Olsson’s first collection of poetry, What Kills What Kills Us, won the Gerald Cable Book Award. His poems have appeared widely in such publications as Poetry, FIELD, Southern Review, The New Republic, Gettysburg Review, and many others. His latest chapbook, Terra Incognita (Split Oak Press), is due out in 2014. Olsson works for an international development consulting firm in the metro Washington, D.C., area.