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Kevin Mims

A Girl Named Art

"Hope and Memory have one daughter, and her name is Art." W.B. Yeats.

At first I found it funny that you bore
A Christian name intended for a guy –
And maybe that explains why you’re so shy –
But as I got to know you, girl, the more
I came to understand why Memory
And Hope gave you a name not of your gender.
They knew that you were meant to be a bender
And reshaper of mundane reality.

An awkward girl the other kids rejected,
You proved to be a challenge to befriend,
Aloof sometimes for days and days on end,
Then tapping on my window, unexpected.

Many’s the night I’ve called on you and had
To settle for the company of your dad.

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Kevin Mims lives in Sacramento, California, and is a notary public, seller of antiques, bookstore clerk, and freelance writer. His fiction and poetry have appeared in publications both literary (The Threepenny Review, The Mississippi Review, The Michigan Quarterly Review, and elsewhere) and commercial (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, and elsewhere). His short story “The Gallows-Bird,” a murder mystery inspired by the life and work of poet Edwin (“The Man With The Hoe”) Markham, was recently nominated for Best Short Story of 2013 by the International Thriller Writers organization.